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Asaf Scoring J.K. Simmons narrated Feature Documentary 'Drugged' (2018) 

The film, produced by Foxhound Productions and arrated by Academy Award winner J.K. Simmons, tells a story that unpacks the mystery of modern medicine's skyrocketing price tag and how it affects the people struggling to stay alive. 


Disney's Frozen - Let It Go Arrangement

Listen to Asaf's Instrumental arrangement and production of the song 'Let It Go' from the movie Frozen, made in collaboration with Universal Music and Disney.


Cooper's Treasure (Discovery Channel)

Asaf's music now appears on season one of Discovery Channel's hit series 'Cooper's Treasure' 


Cold Case Files (2017)

A&E Network's Emmy-nominated series "Cold Case Files" gets a reboot narrated by Danny Glover.  Additional writing for composer H. Scott Salinas completed on season one.


Lawless Oceans (2017)

Additional writing for composer H. Scott Salinas completed on season one of National Geographic's Lawless Oceans. 


SXSW 2017 World Premiere for 'I Love Bekka & Lucy' 

Warner Bros Stage 13 "I Love Bekka & Lucy" written/directed by Rachel Holder featuring music by Asaf is now officially announced to premiere at SXSW.


Asaf Sagiv

Misconduct (2016)

Asaf's original song 'Lust' is set to appear in Al Pacino - Anthony Hopkins thriller 'Misconduct', scheduled for release by Lionsgate. 

Last Summer

premieres USA at Slamdance Festival 


Leonardo Guerra Seragnoli's debut drama Last Summer, featuring Asaf's music combining ukelele and a full-size chamber string orchestra, is now scheduled for a USA premiere at Slamdance Film Festival. The film has previously premiered in Rome and won AITS Award for best sound at Rome International Film Festival.




Homefront soundtrack

Asaf's song appears in the new Sylverster Stallone action thriller 'Homefront', featuring Jason Statham and James Franco.  

Asaf Sagiv

A Thousand Suns

Asaf created additional music for the award winning documentary 

'A Thousand Suns'.



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